Greeting Cards – Torn Art

I have been creating some art on vegan paper, using vegan professional paints and inks & applied with vegan glue onto Greeting cards for a unique ART piece, which can be framed or put with your compost.

In terms of environmental profile – all the paints I’ve used are solvent free (No VOC). No paints in these pieces are classified as harmful to the environment and are vegan.

The cards are from recycled materials, post consumer waste, sourced in the UK/EU. 120cmx120cm.

The envelopes are from recycled materials. The gummed ‘triangle’ flap is potato starch.

The clear display bags and labelling are biodegradable.

Colours of cards/envelopes *White *Ribbed Brown •Kraft Brown

The card, envelopes are not dyed or bleached using any chlorine, the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials and so can vary in shade. Although not noticeable shade differences.

This product is biodegradable at end of life.